I’m Grinding – Are You?

As I’m writing this I’m laying in bed, exhausted.

9 AM this morning exhausted Liam jumped on his bed after a 10 hour nightshift. And he’s going again tonight.

Not ready to go again – but going anyway.

Dreaming about traveling, fun, business all the time – but staying patient and doing the necessary groundwork one babystep at a time.





Success in the making is simply years of boring, hard work.

One week ago I put the first $1000 into a savings account for investing in properties in Asia 2-5 years from now.

Did you grind yesterday?

If not, then you are probably staying in the same place 5 years from now.

If you did grind, your future you will thank you BIG TIME!

You can read it in the ebook “Regrets in life” (free) that I put together for you.

“I wish I saved up money…”, “I wish I was more patient…”

My 54 year old stepdad surely wish he saved up money, since he are now hustling just to pay the bills.. at 54! You should be rich by that time!

My savings:

  • 40% for real estate investing in 2016
  • 30% for moving to Thailand in 2015
  • 8% for Europe interrail trip 2015
  • 4% for domain renewals 2015
  • 10% business
  • 8%  living expenses

So start grinding! (or continue doing it) and save up money every month for years and then invest!




$1 will grow to THOUSANDS in a few years. 




- Liam




So few people there. So much room. So little competition. So much freedom.

We all want to be there.

A few of us believe we can get there.

The fewest got there.


Why exactly are you not there? (assuming you’re not)


Time is ticking and it waits for noone.



If you still don’t have or do what you want in life, you are in the 99%.

Once you push hard and become a member of the 1%, you will be in control of your life. A life of choice.

You no longer calculate your worth in the hours sacrificed, but in the value provided.


You learned that you can;

- sell 100’s of low margin products and build a business that gives you something to do.


- sell 10’s of high margin products and build a business that gives you freedom.


Ask yourself this;

What did you do yesterday?

What did you do 3 months ago?

If you did the same thing, somethings gotta change today.

If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results.

Do you have to work harder? Do you have to take xtra hours on your job to invest more money in your business? Do you have to cold call/mail more people? Do you need to take the leap? (maybe success is right before you but you’re scared to take the leap).


You need to trust your inner warrior and that your new, boring, everyday habits will pay off a thousand times eventually.

You need to trust the inner warrior every single day from 6 months to 2 years.



Whatever your answer is, make sure that you;

- have the dream/vision VERY clearly in your mind. You know exactly how you want life to be.

- are patient. Success takes time. Most often longer that you’d think.

- do something everyday to get closer to the life that you want. Every tiny small steps matters. Every tiny small steps are necesary.




- J

90 Days To Freedom!

Do you want build an online business, quit your job and then move offshore to a beach far, far away…

… in only 90 days from now?

If your answer is yes then, without further ado, here is a quick guide on how to do exactly that:


Before anything else, write down your specific goal.

In this example:

In 90 days from now, I am running a B2B video production company, that is run 100% from the internet on a beach in Cebu, Philippines.

The company is making two sales or more every month, profiting $500 or more pr sale, which results in  $1,000 or more every month.


beach, Cebu


Month 1 – Raise $1000 in Capital

Take extra hours at your job.

Cut your expenses. Sell your iPhone/TV/bike.

Help a friend with something for a couple of hundred dollars.



Month 2 – Develop website, invest in “prototype”, start marketing on Google/Facebook/Youtube, get testimonial.

Assumed that you did your prepatation during month 1 and decided what product your business is going to offer, you can now buy a appropriate domain name.

If you can’t work with WordPress, go to http://www.elance.com and hire someone for $500 to do the website for you (you provide the text on the website yourself). And if you can work with WordPress of course you can develop the website yourself.

Then if, say you’re going to start a animation service, go back to http://www.elance.com to get your own animated video, promoting your service. After 1 or 2 weeks – voila! – you will have the video for a total of about $200.

So now website is up and running, and you need to get a nice review on you site, and then market it;

Review: Offer a friend a video with no additional costs than the actual price you are paying for it. So your friend can get the video VERY cheap. Normally the price for a quality animated video as around $1000 for 1 minute, but through YOU, your friend can get it for only $200.

Next, market it;

1 Google ads / Facebook / Youtube

2 Participate in events and talk to people. Do cold calls. Talk to friends.

I’m not going in depth with this right now, since this is a quickguide :)

nerd copy2_full

Month 3 – Monetize Automate 

This is the final days where you get your first 2 sales. You pay $200-$500 pr video (depends on what country you offer the service, because in some countries the costs for voice over is really expensive) and charge $1000 for it.

… Ahh $1000-$1600 in profit.

When you’ve done everything you could to make those crucial first two sales, you can now quit your job and buy your ticket to the Philippines and continue making sales online.

BUT… it is a little too ambitious to rely on online marketing, so make sure you have a friend in your homecountry who do the networking/meetings for you – and of course pay him commisions.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 16.52.22


Hope this gave you an idea of how you could quit your job and move to another country in only 90 days.