So few people there. So much room. So little competition. So much freedom.

We all want to be there.

A few of us believe we can get there.

The fewest got there.


Why exactly are you not there? (assuming you’re not)


Time is ticking and it waits for noone.



If you still don’t have or do what you want in life, you are in the 99%.

Once you push hard and become a member of the 1%, you will be in control of your life. A life of choice.

You no longer calculate your worth in the hours sacrificed, but in the value provided.


You learned that you can;

- sell 100’s of low margin products and build a business that gives you something to do.


- sell 10’s of high margin products and build a business that gives you freedom.


Ask yourself this;

What did you do yesterday?

What did you do 3 months ago?

If you did the same thing, somethings gotta change today.

If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results.

Do you have to work harder? Do you have to take xtra hours on your job to invest more money in your business? Do you have to cold call/mail more people? Do you need to take the leap? (maybe success is right before you but you’re scared to take the leap).


You need to trust your inner warrior and that your new, boring, everyday habits will pay off a thousand times eventually.

You need to trust the inner warrior every single day from 6 months to 2 years.



Whatever your answer is, make sure that you;

- have the dream/vision VERY clearly in your mind. You know exactly how you want life to be.

- are patient. Success takes time. Most often longer that you’d think.

- do something everyday to get closer to the life that you want. Every tiny small steps matters. Every tiny small steps are necesary.




- J

90 Days To Freedom!

Do you want build an online business, quit your job and then move offshore to a beach far, far away…

… in only 90 days from now?

If your answer is yes then, without further ado, here is a quick guide on how to do exactly that:


Before anything else, write down your specific goal.

In this example:

In 90 days from now, I am running a B2B video production company, that is run 100% from the internet on a beach in Cebu, Philippines.

The company is making two sales or more every month, profiting $500 or more pr sale, which results in  $1,000 or more every month.


beach, Cebu


Month 1 – Raise $1000 in Capital

Take extra hours at your job.

Cut your expenses. Sell your iPhone/TV/bike.

Help a friend with something for a couple of hundred dollars.



Month 2 – Develop website, invest in “prototype”, start marketing on Google/Facebook/Youtube, get testimonial.

Assumed that you did your prepatation during month 1 and decided what product your business is going to offer, you can now buy a appropriate domain name.

If you can’t work with WordPress, go to http://www.elance.com and hire someone for $500 to do the website for you (you provide the text on the website yourself). And if you can work with WordPress of course you can develop the website yourself.

Then if, say you’re going to start a animation service, go back to http://www.elance.com to get your own animated video, promoting your service. After 1 or 2 weeks – voila! – you will have the video for a total of about $200.

So now website is up and running, and you need to get a nice review on you site, and then market it;

Review: Offer a friend a video with no additional costs than the actual price you are paying for it. So your friend can get the video VERY cheap. Normally the price for a quality animated video as around $1000 for 1 minute, but through YOU, your friend can get it for only $200.

Next, market it;

1 Google ads / Facebook / Youtube

2 Participate in events and talk to people. Do cold calls. Talk to friends.

I’m not going in depth with this right now, since this is a quickguide :)

nerd copy2_full

Month 3 – Monetize Automate 

This is the final days where you get your first 2 sales. You pay $200-$500 pr video (depends on what country you offer the service, because in some countries the costs for voice over is really expensive) and charge $1000 for it.

… Ahh $1000-$1600 in profit.

When you’ve done everything you could to make those crucial first two sales, you can now quit your job and buy your ticket to the Philippines and continue making sales online.

BUT… it is a little too ambitious to rely on online marketing, so make sure you have a friend in your homecountry who do the networking/meetings for you – and of course pay him commisions.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 16.52.22


Hope this gave you an idea of how you could quit your job and move to another country in only 90 days.

Stop Waiting – Start Living Your Dream Now!

Hi guys!


Welcome to Pattaya, Thailand!




Beware: Good idea ahead!


Right now I want to ask you a question.
The question goes like this….
Whatever you want to do…

What are you waiting for!?

Start living it now!


The only reason I write this is because I finally see the difference between:

staying at home working/dreaming about running an online business and travel the world

and deleting the “dreaming” part and actually just start traveling right away!

Please listen…


There will never be a “right time”. 

Yeah sure 3 days ago I took all my money and went for it… and I’m probably going to end dead broke of money 3 months from now..

but I’m also going to end FILTHY RICH of experiences, inspiration and life. Because I choose to LIVE now, instead of keep thinking “I need a bit more money, time, security, etc.”.

No no no…

Work hard for 1 or 2 months..

tell your boss that you’re going to take a couple of months of..

book a ONE WAY ticket – very important that return ticket isn’t included! Make it  an adventure.

and then..

Take the leap!


When you do that, not only are you living your dream while building your online business – you are also inspiring your friends and family to live theirs.

You can tell them anything, but NOTHING inspires more than action.



Yesterday, out partying, meeting cool people. 



Take care

- Jonas Kay


162 Days Left Of My “Passive Income Challenge”



This is me.                                                        This is my office.

1488025_1454951131393769_1599150968_n                   1555358_1454951931393689_1960698802_n

This is where I want to be and what I want to do right now (Lebua Tower, Bangkok)



If you don’t know me yet, I can tell you that I value FREEDOM extremely much.

I just turned 25, and since then I thought it was time to GROW UP and take respinsibility for my life.

Before I thought a musical career and the life of a rapstar was my destiny, but I figured out that it wasn’t in alignment with my VALUE (freedom; to go wherever I want, whenever I want; to buy/eat whatever I want, etc.) I would be limited to 1 country, a schedule and low money (compared to the kind of life I want to live).

So basically I saw all these articles and people online preaching about making money online and thought.. “That’s what I’m going to do!”

“..As fast as possible!”

So I set a deadline for myself.

I set the deadline to be:

1st of july 2014

162 days from now.

And this is the page where a lot of the magic will go down:


The last couple of weeks has been spent on research and thinking. And I like to think that I came up with some pretty solid money making ideas:




(Self improvement blogging)


Topics: Dating, making money online, lifestyle design, motivation.

The countdown timer on the right sidebar is BY FAR the coolest thing!



(For the 3D printing industry – next big thing. News, forum, buy&sell 3D designs)


Forget Apple. In 10 years from now a smartphone are going to be worth $100 (read the book: The New Digital Age)

3D printing is the next big thing. Period.

Imagine dropping a glass on the hard kitchen floor. What do you do?

1. You go online, 2. buy a glass-design from a “buy&sell 3D designs” website, 3. You put the broken glass in the printer and print a new glass.

That’s freaking awesome!

So far, the plan for 3Dgazelle.com is to keep learning about the rising industry and begin designing a “buy&sell” + forum website. I’m going to take a small % of each sale, and there’ll be advertising opportubities as well. Maybe later I could hire freelance writers to write articles that is going to drive traffic.

Time for establishment: 1 year.


Sell a WordPress theme

(a http://www.fmylife.com clone)


Investment: $100-$500

Time: 1-2 months

I’m already chatting with indian developers on odesk.com.


If you would like, please share your thoughts and ideas on making money online below. Thank you.

Until next time.

- Jonas

What I Wish I Knew In My 20s – 11 People Share Their Biggest Regrets


Even though there would be a laundry list of topics i would inform my younger self about, just thinking for a moment i kept coming back to only one. Do not be afraid to fail. For failure is the beginning of experience, ex- perience is the opening to wisdom, and wisdom is the key ingredient to changing for the better.

- Charles Graffeo






time runs outPerhaps I would say a lot, forgetti

ng the most im- portant but then “the most important” is quite personal and that’s how it should be so it is gonna be ok even like this, even more – because of this.

What I would have liked to have known back then is that there is no shame to take yourself as a beginner but most probably back then I would not be able to see it the way I do now. So the next is that every time comes with its rea- sons, images, lessons, still you can always approach any mat- ter in a better way, you can always change and not be afraid to explore no matter the age but only when you know what you are doing and really taking the responsibility – in the meaning of being able to explain to yourself and, if neces- sary, to any person involved in the situation, what you did and why you did it, simply being consious and present, with- out overdoze of fooling around. Sure, be reckless, passion- ate, totally crazy but just for the sake of joy. Listen to music, listen to yourself (go for a ride or a walk in a place you think you know so very well and try to see it as if for the first time), look at people and their reactions (without your interest standing in their way), consider your reactions as if from a distance, travel and while you travel talk with the people you meet, not push it, if the conversation happens, most of the times it’s in a

very natural and, risking to sound pathetic, nourishing way, just because usually it gives some food for thought, at least gets you out of your nest and you start thinking about other matter, different from yours and still they lead you to

your matters hopefully in a better way. The distance some- times can be a great chance to have a closer view. Read whatever you love, find new authors, share what you have read, discuss or simply tell the story, share your passion, do the things you love whenever you can but again don’t rush it, it works with your presence (not with your intervention). Don’t be afraid to risk. Love, love, love.

- Velina Vateva



if_only_regrets1Draw that moral and ethical line in the sand…and then do the very best you can to honor it.

Be the best human being you can be.
Observe, listen carefully and walk that mile in the shoes of others before youspeak.

Be honest without being hurtful.
Be fair without splitting the baby.
Be respectful to all people and in all things be humble. Seek knowledge in all the disciplines you can and never stop learning.
Love unconditionally.

You won’t always be successful, but always give it your best shot.

- Sue Ryan


It’s not easy. Maybe you have to keep dreaming, doing what you think is up to you, but being aware of the fol- lowing: everything you did yesterday have configured the person who you are right now, and everything you do today will influence tomorrow not only yourself, but EVERY PERSON and THING you even won’t meet or imagine whether they exist. Remember: you live in a great theatrical setting. If you love beauty and simplicity, you have to give the best of you for the improving of Humankind.

- Ramiro Benavides

Loving and Sharing!

- Hue Vu

I would say ‘ hey , don’t eat so much, keep a good shape and find a beautiful girlfriend then give your first kiss to her.

- Andrew Hu

I would say share your thoughts, don’t keep all those crazy ideas to yourself.

- Wade Crum

You are better than you think you are.

- Bryan Yap

A credit card is not the answer. Too many college stu- dents don’t understand what debt is or how to be fi- nancially literate.

- Edwin Tjoe

Stop looking elsewhere for what you will find much closer to home.

- Gabo Moreno


I’ll talk to the blossoming young man me.
Now you are a man. Now you can play according to your own rules.
When you were a child you understood yourself, the others and the world through the beliefs and behaviors of your parents and significant adults.
When you were a child, you had the experience of a child, you thought like a child and you understood like a child.
When you were a child you made most of your belief system.

My dear intelligent young man! Since the child- hood when you made your belief system:

How many books and articles did you read?

How many knowledge did you gain through your senses?

How many persons did you interact with, who had differ- ent sets of beliefs than yours?

How many situations did you go through and how did you experience them according to your beliefs?

My dear! Do you accept that an intelligent, experienced, skilled, well-educated man like you lives with sets of beliefs made by a cute little child?

My dear! Examine your beliefs and decide according to all what you gathered through your life tell now, which be- liefs you want to keep and which you want to change with

other more developed ones.
My dear! Don’t be afraid to let the dysfunctional beliefs

go. Don’t be afraid of losing your identity if you lost some beliefs. You are not your beliefs. You were not born with these beliefs. You already existed before these beliefs and you will still be there after letting them go. You are not your beliefs. You created your beliefs in the past and you may up- date them now and believe me, even the updated beliefs are not the final versions. In your coming days you’ll know more, experience more and understand more and you will update some beliefs if you saw that a new version would be more functional in the here and now.

My dear young man! You make your beliefs and your be- liefs make your life.

- Thin Ker

That was some really inspiring words!

What advice would YOU give your younger self?

Write in comments.